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Swimming Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

swimming pool maintenance
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Swimming Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

Swimming pools are one of the best ways to relax and enjoy on a hot day. However, if not maintained, it can be the cause of health and hygiene problems. That is why regular cleaning and maintenance of your swimming pool is necessary.

Automatic Dosing Pumps And Disinfection Systems For Swimming Pool Water

There are many contaminants that can pollute your swimming pool. they can cause several dangerous diseases, skin problems specially Itching & Hair falling. That’s why swimming pool water must undergo treatment. Manage the water quality of your pool with a reliable, high-performing chemical dosing pump. Keep the pool water clean and safe with a top-rated digital dosing pump.

Prime Envirotech provide various types and units of pumps to ensure we meet every specific requirement. Each unit from our product range is manufactured according to strict industry standards for quality and performance. We offer a complete selection of dosing equipment and systems for different client needs. Whether it’s for a private family pool or a commercial one, we have all the devices you’ll need to keep it running optimally at all times. We provides you with the most accurate dosing, providing an outstanding turndown ratio offering the most homogeneous and precise distribution of the chemical dosed according to the required application. The installation kit provided ensures the best outcome and quick installation.

Disinfection Service For Swimming Pool Water

Water disinfection is the deactivation, removal or killing of pathogens in order to avoid their growth and reproductionMicro-organisms polluted swimming pools. Every swimmer adds 1.000.000 to microorganisms to the water. The water itself contains microorganisms, Disinfectants used for swimming pool water disinfection, that must meet certain demands. They should be harmless and non-irritating to swimmers and attendants. They must be active in small concentrations and retain their activity for a long time.

Contrary to drinking water disinfectants, disinfectants for swimming pool treatment must be active in the pool itself because pollution and pathogenic micro-organisms are added continuously to the water. Therefore the water has to maintain a residual disinfectant concentration. The disinfectant must be easily tracked and measured and should be safe to use. as well. After oxidation, a disinfectant must be added to the water to kill pathogenic microorganisms.

Frequently asked questions for Swimming Pool Maintenance

what are the Disinfection methods for swimming pool water?

In some countries, sodium hypochlorite is used for both oxidation and disinfection of swimming pools. When it is added to water, sodium hypochlorite increases the pH value. It is better to use chlorine as a disinfectant and an oxidizer at a pH value of 6,5. Often, acid is added to lower the pH value.

How long does it take to build a sports facility with a swimming pool?

Talking about a complete facility to the installation of the pool with the concerning systems, the yard lasts about one year.

How do I choose a pump?

For an optimal selection of chemically resistant and high-capacity chemical centrifugal pumps that convey aggressive media, the centrifugal pump guide will help you with the planning and purchasing.

Is this technology only suitable for large or public swimming pools?

No, of course not. The smallest system is suitable for pool sizes between 10 and 50 m2. Only one conversion/filter unit is needed.

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