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Garbage Chute Cleaning

Garbage Chute Cleaning Service
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Garbage Chute Cleaning Service

As a professional trash chute cleaning company, Prime Envirotech provides our clients with proven methods to sanitize neglected & poorly maintained trash chutes, which generally have an unbearable odor and are difficult to clean the longer they are left. With positive air circulation inside of trash chutes, this unpleasant experience along with bug issues will find its way into your resident’s hallways causing illness and upset residents.

Trash chute cleaning is one of the most neglected services of any building, trash chutes provide an ideal nesting place for insects and vermin and bacteria. By removing the organic build-up that accumulates within the trash chute, the health risk and smell are taken care of.A final rinse of enzyme and the application of a custom-deodorizing agent complete the process.

Why choose Prime Envirotech for garbage chute cleaning service:

  • Increasing longevity of chute, compactor, and bin
  • Removal of odor
  • Reducing health risks for tenants and staff
  • Removal of bacteria, and build-up of garbage
  • Reducing rodent and insect problems

Garbage Chute Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need to clean my trash chutes?

Trash chutes generally should be cleaned twice a year – sometimes quarterly – to prevent roaches and bad odors.

Why clean commercial garbage chutes?

When garbage chutes are left uncleaned, grease, grime and food substances will remain on the walls of the chute causing fire risks, terrible odors, and bacteria. Even if the chute doesn’t smell bad when the weather is not too hot, it usually manifests itself in the summer heat resulting in urgent calls from occupants to correct the issue. If left uncleaned, the buildup can cause fire risks, odors, and bacteria. Regular service can prevent odors, health risks, and unsanitary conditions.

How much does it cost for commercial trash chute cleaning?

Prices can vary based on square footage, height and degree of soiling. Call us at +971 4 3211636 or contact us via our online estimate form.

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