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Cooling Tower Cleaning

Cooling Tower Cleaning
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Cooling Tower Cleaning Service

Without good maintenance, including regular cleaning and disinfection, these contaminants can cause serious problems that reduce life, efficiency, reliability, and safety of building HVAC systems. Cooling towers provide an ideal environment for the growth and incubation of many organisms, including the Legionella bacteria. It can cause blockages and corrosion which impairs the operating efficiency. This can prompt huge harm, and even cause the failure of the system. Also, soiled cooling towers reduce the effectiveness of heat, and increase energy costs.

With Prime Envirotech cooling tower cleaning, you can bring about gigantic energy savings through higher heat transfer efficiencies. It is assessed that bringing down the condenser water cooling tower return temperature by one degree improves chiller effectiveness by up to 3%.

Frequently asked questions for Cooling Tower Cleaning

How Do You Prevent Legionnaires' Disease In Cooling Towers?

Most cooling towers are likely to become contaminated with Legionella at some point in their serviceable life. It is unrealistic to try to prevent the entry of the organism into a cooling tower or to create an environment that entirely precludes its growth and multiplication. However, an effective water treatment program that reduces the risk of legionellosis and thus ensures safer operation of the system also leads to more efficient operation and longer system life

How do you determine your costs?

The cost of any given project is subject to a number of variables, such as the amount of dirt and debris to be removed, the condition of the equipment, location, size and degree of difficulty of the work, and if rental equipment is required.

How to deal with common problems of cooling towers?

When there is any kind of problem in the cooling towers you should find a company that offers proper and quality cooling tower services.

What is the service capacity of your company?

Service-Tech has the expertise and capabilities to handle cleaning and service projects of all sizes and complexities, as well as to make adjustments per any special requirements pertaining to your specific job site. We typically work directly with the end-user; however, subcontracting is welcome.

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