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Fountain Construction and Maintenance

Fountain construction and maintenance service
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Fountain Construction and Maintenance Service in UAE

A fountain can add on to the beauty and aesthetics of a place and take it to the next level. Prime Enviro-tech’s team of fountain construction and maintenance team, helps you build the most beautiful fountains and keep it intact for years to come. Fountains are usually designed to be the center of attraction in primary locations. Our expertise in this field makes us an ideal choice for you. We work with fountains of different sizes, as well as different materials such as stone, brick, and pottery. Several years of experience in this field has made us an expert in this area.

FAQs about Fountain Construction and Maintenance Service

How to clean a water fountain?

Cleaning your water fountain should be done every 2-4 months. Start by draining all the water out. Then wipe down the basin with a clean cloth or sponge. Clean anything that is in the pond, including rocks, the pump, tubing, etc. Now put your fountain back together and add fresh water, turn it back on.

How long should a fountain pump last?

A fountain pump would typically last for about 3-5 years.

How can you stop a fountain from overflowing?

Check if the water flow is turned up too high on the pump. Look for the adjustment dial on your pump and try another setting. You can also try moving any rocks that might be creating a splash effect or add rocks to soften the fall of the water.

How to increase bubbles and sound on a fountain?

Try turning up the water flow on the pump. Add or reposition rocks for the water to flow against. This may enhance the sound. Otherwise, you may need to choose a different fountain. Some people like their fountains quiet, others like more water sound.