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Portable Water Treatment

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Portable water treatment services

Prime Envirotech offers water treatment solutions that can address the potable water requirements for a wide range of populations from our standardized, pre-engineered systems for resorts and condominium complexes to customized systems for large residential development.

Portable water purifiers are independent, effectively moved units used to refine water from untreated sources, ( for example, wells, lakes, and rivers) for drinking purposes.

Frequently asked questions for portable water treatment

Does a water softener give you clean drinking water?

Water Softeners treat the calcium and magnesium content in the water. It does not treat the bacteria and other microbes that must be removed for the water to be drinkable.

When should you use ultra-pure water?

Different techniques need different levels of water purity. So, you don’t need to use ultra-pure water for washing your glassware. But it is essential for highly sensitive analytical techniques such as HPLC. 

How can bacteria be removed from water?

Bacteria and other microbes can be removed from water through disinfection. Here, certain substances such as biocides are added to kill the bacteria. Disinfection can also be done using UV-light.

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