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kitchen exhaust duct cleaning services
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Kitchen Hood & Exhaust Cleaning Service

An effective exhaust-hood cleaning program reduces damaging build-up of cooking grease and smoke in commercial kitchens.We offer Kitchen Duct Cleaning services in accordance with the standard method.

A regular deep clean program will remove built-up residues of hard fats and heavy carbon deposits and aid the effective operation of equipment and workplace alike. Most importantly it will greatly reduce the risk of fire & potential contamination.it improves commercial kitchen safety and code compliance with expert cleaning of hoods, ducts, fans, and filters. Prime Envirotech uses an innovative and eco-friendly process that allows us to deliver exceptional results in a reasonable period of time.

To ensure we deliver services that meet your exact needs, we will perform an initial site visit to analyze the depth and extensiveness of service your place requires. Based on this analysis, we will develop a comprehensive turn-key proposal detailing the services needed and an exact quotation of the package. Once approved, our team will move into the site and perform deliver the service according to the quotation.

Here’s what we include:
  • All Kitchen Hoods
  • Filters
  • Fans, Inside and Out
  • Accessible Ducts from Top to Bottom

Kitchen Duct Cleaning Services

Kitchen duct cleaning involves getting rid of grease and pollutants from kitchen hoods and ducts. The build-up of grease within extraction systems is the biggest fire risk hazard within a commercial kitchen. This build-up of grease poses a major fire hazard as it is extremely flammable and should be removed by a certified professional and kitchen duct cleaning Dubai is one of Smashing’s fields of expertise.

This service is a common preventive procedure in the maintenance of professional and residential kitchens. During the process, the deposits in these ducts are cleaned using different cleaners and chemicals. To maintain a clean, safe and hygienic working environment, timely inspection and cleaning of these ducts are required. These special cleaners have extensive knowledge in treating grease build-up, cleaning and sanitization.

Kitchen Cleaning And Degreasing Services

Keeping the kitchen area clean is very essential both for residential users as well as commercial kitchen owners. Prime Envirotech provides professional and reliable oven and kitchen cleaning. We clean residential and commercial kitchens or cookers on a regular or one-off basis. All of our services are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee and are fully insured So we step in to offer our Kitchen Cleaning And Degreasing Services  on affordable prices and an experienced staff.

Our crew is highly efficient and trained to manage your kitchen’s cleanliness with effective cleaning approaches and an attitude to pay attention to details. We have the right experience and the tools to remove residue and grime that stick on the surface and make look old, rusty and abhorring.

Frequently Asked Questions for Kitchen Hood & Exhaust Cleaning Service

How can i contact you to receive a cleaning service estimate quote?

Simply go to our Contact Us Webpage and fill out the quick form or call us directly and we will answer all your questions and get you in our Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Schedule.

Why is it important to clean the kitchen exhaust hood duct?

The preparation foods that involving the use of ovens and stoves releases steam or grease into the air.

These vent hoods require regular cleaning to remove collected dirt and grease for reasons of both health and safety. Vent hood cleaning should be completed by experienced professionals.

How often should a kitchen exhaust be cleaned?

Recommended cleaning frequency depends on the type of cooking establishment:

30 days: Wood-burning or charcoal-burning stoves, charbroilers, 24-hour restaurants and some hamburger places

60 days: Many hamburger restaurants and fast-food locations

90 days: Average restaurant, employee cafeteria, hotel or hospital kitchen

180 days: Pizza places, convalescent hospitals or small snack bars

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