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Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease Trap Cleaning, Dubai, UAE
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Grease Trap Cleaning, UAE

When you’re running a busy foodservice operation, While you make delicious dishes, don’t forget to prevent fats, oils and greases drain along with wastewater. You shouldn’t have to spend time worrying about clogged drain lines, foul odors, or costly sewer back-ups.

Prime Envirotech extends our expertise, knowledge, and experience that is essential for making the grease traps clean and usable round the clock. Grease trap cleaning services usually refers to the cleaning of the grease and dirt that gets accumulated in the industrial pipes, drains and other plumbing devices before they are subject to waste disposal systems. These services are at most times provided either by a plumber or by a professional grease trap cleaner

Grease traps can be the single biggest hassle for restaurants and commercial kitchens if not cleaned regularly. We focus on increasing your food business while we take care of your grease trap’s cleanliness. Our professionally trained technicians will empty, clean, and maintain your restaurant grease trap regularly to keep it operating smoothly. Prime Envirotech makes sure that fats and oils don’t block your drains or overflow into the sewer system, and we’ll be sure to inspect for ageing components before they break down, avoiding expensive emergency repairs. For added convenience, we also offer high-pressure jet cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions for Grease Trap Cleaning

What should I do to help keep my grease trap running at top performance?

Train your staff to remove as much waste and food solids as possible from plates and pots before washing.

Maintain a cleaning log for code compliance. 

How does a grease trap work?

A grease trap is just that an entrapment for grease. When residual FOGS are emptied into the commercial kitchen sink, the grease trap allows the water to sink to the bottom and drain into the city’s water supply. The floating grease remains at the top, where it can be accessed and removed. For a more detailed explanation of how to grease trap work.

How often should you service your grease traps?

Some grease traps do not need to be serviced depending on the type of the grease trap. For grease traps that do have to be serviced, it is recommended that you service them 2 – 3 times in the year. Book your service here.

Where does the waste go after it leaves your grease trap?

After we remove the waste from your grease trap, we take it to a fully licensed disposal facility that disposes of the waste correctly and legally 

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